Angelika's Necklaces

I have been an artist all my life and accomplished in many media. I was born in Dresden, Germany near the end of World War II. Dresden is a city with a rich artistic tradition. As a child I and my immediate family survived the fire bombing of Dresden which totally destroyed the city. Life under the invading Soviet Army and the Communist regime was difficult and perilous. My family managed to escape into West Germany to live, in poverty, in a refugee camp. We eventually emigrated to the USA. I later married a senior USAF officer, had two children, and spent many years traveling worldwide. Now, in retirement, I have a home in Ogden, Utah. When not working in my studio at my home I travel extensively.

My latest artistic passion is the unique and one of kind necklaces of silver and semi-precious stones. My necklaces are on display in the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden, Utah alongside the more traditional art of paintings and sculpture. My jewelry commands high prices at the annual art auctions.

My necklaces have also been featured in newspaper and magazine articles in Ogden, Utah and McCall, Idaho
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