Angelika's Necklaces

Welcome to my online gallery of necklaces for the discriminating, elegant woman. These are not the mass produced items frequently seen in the arts and crafts markets or on other web sites. My necklaces are hand made works of art. I create each necklace much like a composer arranges musical notes into a beautiful melody. They are made from the highest quality materials available, yet, very affordable. I use only sterling silver or better. The semi-precious stones and pendants are obtained from sources around the world. I am a world traveler and purchase materials from every country I visit. Most of my pendants are hand made in third world villages which depend on these sales for their livelihood. I use the heaviest gauge silver wire and components that is practical for each necklace. For ease of wear, all my necklaces have large toggles rather than clasps which are often difficult to manipulate. You will find my necklaces to be as durable as they are beautiful. Visit this site often to see my latest creations.

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